Five Star Support

Comco USA - Five Star Support

Support Before The Sale - We analyze your applications and your production needs to help you make the right choice in machine, tooling, and options. Our recommendations will help you make the most economical choice for your short-term goals and your long-term needs.

Installation and Training Support - We provide the documentation and personnel to install your new machinery and to train your people to use it safely. Our service department will ensure your personnel can use the new machinery to meet your production and quality requirements.

Our staff travels to your facility to work directly with your personnel to get the machine set up, operational, and profitable; and to insure you can keep it profitable for the long term.

Continued Service Support - Our service department is committed to keeping your machines in production and solving your problems with quality, cycle time, capability, or safety issues. We provide the warranty service and after-warranty support for the life of the machine if you need onsite service for personnel re-training, the addition of options, routine maintenance, or emergency repair. Our personnel can normally be onsite within 24 hours inside the continental U.S. for emergency service. Our established history of service will give you the comfort of continued support for decades.

Free Phone, Email, and FaceTime Support - We offer support to all our customers for machine issues, operation and programming issues, tooling issues, and any other issues that can help our customers continue running their equipment years after the warranty has expired. We can also be contacted thru the Internet and thru emails directly to our staff members, and we can work directly with your operators, programmers, maintenance, and management to provide the knowledge for your personnel to resolve the problems. We maintain a database with records of all customer contacts and details of the customer machinery to insure any of our staff can assist rapidly to resolve minor issues and major problems.

Parts and Tooling Support - We maintain an extensive inventory to handle our customer’s parts needs. We help you quickly identify the parts needed to resolve problems or to adapt your machines to changing production needs. We also work directly with the tooling manufacturer to provide replacement tooling or to develop tooling for new applications. We provide our inventory thru multiple stateside sources, fabricators, and OEM suppliers of both the machines and components to insure continued stock and rapid supply to our customers.

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