Network Communications Software

DataLinx Communication Software

DataLinx 1.5:

DataLinx 1.5 is a full-featured communication gateway via Ethernet.

DataLinx is equipped with three main benefits:

  1. It will communicate with 1 to 99 Comco’s CNC Benders with FlexPlus Windows Controller.
  2. Automatically backs up all FlexPlus system and bender program data every 10 minutes. The backups are stored on another computer and can be easily recalled to the original restore point.
  3. Our communication protocol works directly with Comco’s FlexPlus Bender Program, 3D Simulation Software, FlexPlus Offline software, and Romer’s DOCS software with Tube Shop Manager.

DataLinx works seamlessly with Romer DOCS!

  • You can send tube data from DOCS to the FlexPlus Controller and recalling the Active Part from the bender controller.
  • Once a tube has been measured, the correction data will be sent to the adjustment column is the bender controller, but your original data will stay intact.

Technical Data


  • Generally, all Comco benders manufactured after 2005 will allow this interface.
  • Romer DOCS, version 2.3 or later with Network/SV bender interface.