COMCO USA offers an impressive selection of CNC benders, with multimillion-dollar inventory and other automation services. Our selection of CNC benders includes the COMCO TMS Electric Series Tube Bender, the COMCO KB Series Tube Bender, the COMCO TWS and TWD Series Tube Benders, the COMCO KBB Series Tube Bender, and the COMCO TMS-10 Series Tube Bender.

The “CNC” technology we design into our benders is a computerized manufacturing technology that allows for supreme precision and repeatable results. Operators can custom design a 3-D computer-aided design (CAD) model, that can be interpreted into specific manufacturing instructions for your CNC bender. Both CNC manufacturing equipment and CAD models are routinely used in modern manufacturing.

Each CNC bender we offer is specially designed for unique application needs, such as producing equipment for cars, HVAC systems, medical devices, consumer appliances, and more. All COMCO CNC tube benders we produce implement the very latest technology and are engineered for maximum performance and longevity. We are confident that a COMCO brand CNC bender will last your company for years of seamless operation.

Along with our great selection of stock CNC bender models, we also offer custom design services to help deliver the perfect unit for your unique application needs. Our experienced team of designers and engineers will work with your company from the initial custom 3-D renderings, all the way through to the final production run.

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