TMS Electric Series Tube Bender

With the Comco TMS electric CNC tube bender, we have created a machine that will cost less while retaining all of our quality, speed, and flexibility. We have achieved it through re-engineering and by utilizing all the newest technologies available, specifically from Mitsubishi. In our extensive interaction with our customers, they have told us quick tooling changeover is critical in today’s challenges. We have not only listened but also implemented a quick-change tooling process that allows set-ups in less than 10 minutes.

Machine components are carefully selected to utilize off-the-shelf cylinders, Mitsubishi servo motors, and servo packs, and reducers to maximize replacement parts availability. A NEMA-style lockable filtered enclosure is standard on all models, providing maximum protection of the electronics.

This electric CNC tube bender can be integrated with optional components such as loaders, robots, and unload devices in order to increase your production efficiency.

The TMS series provides the accuracy required in the manufacture of jet engines, the speed required by rigorous schedules imposed on automotive suppliers, and the dependability that guarantees uninterrupted performance for all customers, whether it be a small-volume service environment or a high-volume manufacturer.

If you are looking for a durable machine that will stand up to the harshest environments while still maintaining your required precision, look no further.

Mechanical Features

  • Dual and triple radius available
  • Compact footprint saves your floor space
  • 10 Minutes tooling change over
  • Compact, heavy-duty Bend Head provides maximum clearance for difficult part shapes
  • Drop-away, Servo positive-locking clamp die assembly
  • Servo Pressure Die Assist (most models)
  • Standard 3 jaw chuck system
  • THK bearings & rails used throughout provide smooth, precise movements of axes
  • Sealed cabinet for electronics to prevent contamination and associated noise issues

Safety Systems

  • Safety system has selectable features: Provides a true ‘one-stop’ capability that will allow automatic continuation of bending from the point of stop at the press of a button; or stops bender with clamp and pressure open or closed, shutting off all Servos.
  • E-Stop on Console & Operator Pedestal
  • Bend Arm Return, Safety Shut-Down Plate

Electronic Systems

  • Mitsubishi AC servo drives and motors for feed, plane, & bend axes
  • Absolute encoders eliminate the “origination” process, as well as zero and speed reduction sensors, therefore improving operation and reducing failure points
  • Mitsubishi PLC machine controller ensures flexibility and stability, providing safe, fast, and efficient operation.
  • Input/output isolation modules improve diagnostics and reduce repair expenses.

FlexPlus Windows Controller 

  • “Teach Mode” function for part programming provides the easiest method of creating advanced part movement quickly without complicated avoidance moves or sequencing.
  • Detailed production history, alarm history, and machine monitoring functions help track production, monitor performance and diagnose programming or machine faults quickly.
  • Extensive part storage capability allows quick changeovers and easy access to all programs
  • Log-in levels as “operator” and “manager” allow control of access to machine functions. “Manager” can allow or limit access to any and all operator functions, including change of programs, part appointments, clear and store of data, and machine parameters.

Technical Data

Model/Spec TMS-10 TMS-15 TMS-20E TMS-30E TMS-40E TMS-50
Maximum bending diameter Tube Bending Capacity (Cu/Al) 15.9 x 1.0 19.1 x 1.2 22.2 x 1.2 31.8 x 2.0 38.1 x 1.25 50.8 x 2.0
Tube Bending Capacity (MS) 12 x 1.0 15.9 x 1.0 19.1 x 1.2 31.8 x 1.1 31.8 x 1.1 50.8 x 1.2
Tube Bending Capacity (304 SS) 10 x 0.8 12.7 x 1.2 12.7 x 1.2 25.4 x 2.0 25.4 x 1.1 31.8 x 1.2
Maximum Bending Radius 50mm CLR 60mm CLR 60mm CLR 100mm CLR 150mm CLR 200mm CLR
Maximum Bend Radius Differential 10mm CLR 20mm CLR 20mm CLR 50mm CLR 50mm CLR 50mm CLR
Maximum Bend Angle 180° (190° Max) 180° (190° Max) 180° (190° Max) 180° (190° Max) 180° (190° Max) 180° (190° Max)



Model Name Designation