FlexPlus Controller Upgrades

Sometimes your equipment is mechanically sound, but your electronic components are old, discontinued by the manufacturer, or malfunctioning. We have controller upgrades to revive your machine.

Our engineering team at Comco offers controller upgrades on Keins, Chiyoda, and older Comco machines, to give new life to machines with old technology. In most cases, you add a potential of ten to fifteen years of life to your otherwise obsolete machines.

Every machine is different and requires personalized attention and components. Listed below are some of the components typically replaced during a FlexPlus Controller Upgrade.

  1. Touch screen Pro-Face controller
  2. Mitsubishi CPU New and Improved
    • 13.7 times faster than previous models
    • High-Speed, High Precision Real Data Processing
    • Secure 3 User Level Login (Data management for every user)
  3. Connectivity: USB port for easy program backup and restoration
  4. Real-Time Self-Diagnostics with Auto-Flow Chart – Perfect for a quick and easy solution
  5. Protected PLC Outputs to prevent PLC damage
  6. Built-In Work Cell Capability / Expandable I/O’s
    • Add all types of automation without worry

Equipped with Three Mitsubishi Servos Packs and Motors

  1. Replacing Feed Axis with Mitsubishi Servo Drives and “Absolute Encoder” Motors
  2. Replacing Plane Axis with Mitsubishi Servo Drives and “Absolute Encoder” Motors
  3. Replacing Bend Axis with Mitsubishi Servo Drives and “Absolute Encoder” Motors
  4. Replacing Screen with New Color Touch Screen Panel with a True Industrial PC that is durable yet flexible