TMS-10 Series

TMS-10 Series with Loader and Unloader

Our #1 focus is increasing you production with minimal interaction.

Comco USA’s TMS Series “Electric” CNC benders. We have created a machine that will cost less while retaining all our quality, speed, and flexibility. We’ve achieved it through re-engineering and through utilizing all the newest technologies available, specifically from Mitsubishi. In our extensive interaction with our customers, they have told us quick tooling changeover is critical in today’s challenges. We’ve not only listened but also implemented a quick-change tooling process that allows set-up in-less than 10 minutes.

Our TMS-10WDELU comes standard with Automatic Loader and Unloader. CNC Bending up to ½” copper and aluminum. Limiting operator interaction. Decreasing your overall cycle time and increasing production. With one of the smallest footprints on the market today (4’x 6’)! This is truly a lights out machine!

Technical Data

Model/Spec TMS-10 TMS-15 TMS-20E TMS-30E TMS-40E TMS-50
Maximum bending diameter Tube Bending Capacity (Cu/Al) 15.9 x 1.0 19.1 x 1.2 22.2 x 1.2 31.8 x 2.0 38.1 x 1.25 50.8 x 2.0
Tube Bending Capacity (MS) 12 x 1.0 15.9 x 1.0 19.1 x 1.2 31.8 x 1.1 31.8 x 1.1 50.8 x 1.2
Tube Bending Capacity (304 SS) 10 x 0.8 12.7 x 1.2 12.7 x 1.2 25.4 x 2.0 25.4 x 1.1 31.8 x 1.2
Maximum Bending Radius 50mm CLR 60mm CLR 60mm CLR 100mm CLR 150mm CLR 200mm CLR
Maximum Bend Radius Differential 10mm CLR 20mm CLR 20mm CLR 50mm CLR 50mm CLR 50mm CLR
Maximum Bend Angle 180° (190° Max) 180° (190° Max) 180° (190° Max) 180° (190° Max) 180° (190° Max) 180° (190° Max)




Model Name Designation