FlexPlus Windows Controller

Upgrade Software and Servos

Flexible. Accurate. Secure.

  • XYZ programmable – Easy programming, usually a 3-step process
  • FPB (Feed, Plane, Bend) – Make simple adjustments to length, rotation, and angle without changing the integrity of the original program
  • Automatically Calculates Arc Length in FPB Screen
  • Pre-Programmed Bend Sequences – Over 100 templates available 60 Process Lines per part program – Not limited to the industry standard of 10
  • Teach Mode will integrate manual movements into an auto cycle
    • This feature will allow up to 100 commands before and after each bend with up to 10 parallel actions per command (limit of 100 actions each process line)
  • Alternate Running Parts – Run a family of five different parts in sequence
  • Part Program Storage (internal) – 10 folders of 99 parts each = 990 Parts
  • Online Searchable Manual – Perfect when you need a quick reference
  • Built-in Calculator – Perfect when you need a quick reference
  • Repeat Bending Option – Let the controller do the programming for you, saving you valuable time
  • “Step Mode” Auto operation – Find the “solution” before they accrue. Perfect for those new difficult part programs.
  • “Cycle Stop” Safety Mat pause with restart – avoid scrapping valuable parts
  • Offline FlexPlus Windows Program (Optional) – Perfect for part development at your desk and for training personal without tying up your production bender.
  • Multiple Languages – English, Spanish, and Japanese
  • Datalinx Software (optional)
    • Communication link to a Romer CMM
    • Backup part programs to a Corporate Network
  • External Part Program Storage – unlimited storage to USB Flash Drive
  • Secure 3 User Level Login – Control what data can be changed
  • Fused I/O’s – Low Cost Replacement. In most cases less than a $1
  • Real-Time Self-Diagnostics with Auto-Flow Chart – Perfect for a quick and easy solution
  • Detailed Alarm History – The last 999 alarms
  • Visual Setup Operational Screens – Easy programming
  • Production Management Screen – Keep a close track of your progress
  • 3-D Simulation Software by Comco (Optional) – Seamless transfers part program to the FlexPlus Controller.
  • Expandable I/O’s – Add all types of automation without worry of running out of programming room. i.e. Automatic Lubricators, Light Trees, Seam Detectors, Hole Finder, Punch Systems, Front or Side Loaders, Robots, Gantry Systems, etc.