3D Bender Simulation Software

• 3D Bender Simulation Software is a solid model of a specific bending machine animated in real-time on a desktop PC to reveal the exact sequence required to bend the tube. It will be able to import CSV or IGES (IGS) files to simulate the bending process of the information you have already developed.

• Converts XYZ data into FPB.

• Any collisions between the tube and the bender will be detected and displayed. Corrections will automatically be incorporated to the part program during the simulation.
• 3D images can be dynamically zoomed, spun, or panned so that any side of the tube.
• 3D Bender Simulation Software saves money by determining ahead of time if existing bender tooling can be used.
• Displays single, dual or triple radius tooling .
• One Click to select left hand or right hand machines