Tecnical Data

Model/Spec TMS-10 TMS-15 TMS-20 TMS-30 TMS-50
Thin wall (STKM11A) 12.0 x t0.8 15.9 x t1.0 22.2 x t1.6 31.8 x t1.5 50.8 x t1.2
Thick wall (STKM11A) 8.0 x t1.2 12.7 x t1.6 16.0 x t1.6 25.4 x t2.0 38.1 x t2.0
Nonferrous metal (Copper, Aluminium,
Annealed material)
12.7 x t1.2 19.1 x t1.2 22.2 x t1.2 31.8 x t2.0 50.8 x t2.0
Stainless Steel (SUS304) 8.0 x t0.8 12.7 x t0.8 12.7 x t1.2 25.4 x t1.0 31.8 x t1.2
Steel Bars (SS400) 5 6 6 10 18
Square Pipe (STKMP) N/A N/A N/A 20x20xt1.5 30x30xt1.5
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Comco USA’s brand new TMS Series CNC benders are all electric machines that will cost less while retaining all of our quality, speed and flexibility. We have Accomplished this through re-engineering and through utilizing all the newest technologies available, specifically from Mitsubishi. In our extensive interaction with our customers have told us Today's critical challenges are quicker tooling changeover and decreased cycle times. Comco have not only listened but also implemented a quick-change tooling process that allows set-ups in less than 10 minutes.

TMS-30 "Teach Mode" Function for parts programming provides the easiest method of creating advanced part movement quickly without complicated avoidance moves or sequencing.

Model Name Designations


TMS-10 Detailed production history, alarm history and machine monitoring help track production, monitor performance and diagnose programming or machine faults.

TMS-15 Log in levels as "operator" and "manager" allow control of access to machine functions. As "manager" is possible to allow or limit access to any/all operator functions.

TMS-50 Our machines are equiped with Safety Mat systems, E-Stop on console an operator pedestal, Hydraulic motor Shut-Off and Bend Arm Return Safety Plate.