Tecnical Data

Model/Spec KC-20N KC-25SN KC-30SN KC-45SN
Thin wall (STKM11A) 12.0 x t0.8 19.1 x t1.2 31.8 x t1.5 50.8 x t1.2
Thick wall (STKM11A) 8.0 x t1.2 16.0 x t1.6 25.4 x t2.0 38.1 x t2.0
Nonferrous metal (Copper, Aluminium,
Annealed material)
16.0 x t1.2 22.2 x t1.0 31.8 x t2.0 50.8 x t1.2
Stainless Steel (SUS304) 10.0 x t0.8 12.7 x t1.2 25.4 x t1.0 31.8 x t1.2
Steel Bars (SS400) 5 6 10 18
Square Pipe (STKMP) N/A N/A 20x20xt1.5 30x30xt1.5
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Comco USA, we offer our KC Cut-off Machine Series, which includes a lineup of rotary cutters, metal saw cutters and finishing cutters.
Rotary cutters do not produce chippings, making clean-up after cutting unnecessary, our machines come equipped with chamfering and other additional options that make the cutting process easier for our customers.

Model Name Designations