FlexPlus Offline Software for Windows

Comco Software Series

FlexPlus Offline Windows Controller Software is a data management software similar to your bender controller software with offline functions you can program from your own desk. With offline software, you can input, edit and assign files and information to your benders. This software is good to support controller training, managing information and using other functions in the controller without interrupting your production line.

“Perfect for part development at your desk and for training personal without tying up your production bender”

Complex Programming Made Easy
• Visual Setup Operational Screens – Easy programming
• Creation Wizard to streamline program entry
• Works with up to 5 radii
• FPB (Feed, Plane, Bend) – Make simple adjustments to length, rotation, and angle without changing the integrity of the original program
• Trouble-free XYZ programmable – Easy programming, usually a 3-step process
• Over 100 Templates of bending sequences included
• Alternate Running Parts – Run a family of five different parts in sequence

Secure and Comprehensive Networking
• Easy program backup and restore via Network or USB
• Part Program Storage
- FlexPlus Software on CNC Bender – 10 folders of 99 parts each = 990 Parts
- FlexPlus Software – Offline – Unlimited

Proven Reliability and Accuracy
• Language Capability – English, and Japanese
• Retrieve and review Production Management from each Comco machine

Diagnostics and Low Maintenance
• Retrieve and review Detailed Alarm History – The last 999 alarms

Built-In Sequence Editor
• Preprogrammed front, side loaders, most control logic

FlexPlus Offline Software - Screen Shots

The following are some samples of the screen layout and the information available. These images were taken from our Offline desktop programming. The screens (and the operation of the offline software) are identical to the bender software operation and are completely transferable to the bender.

Operation Designation Menu – “Review and Edit”


Manual Operations Menu Review and Edit

Select from component areas to operate manually. i.e. Table Device, Chuck Device, Clamp Device, etc. Click on specific machine graphic you wish to operate manually.

FPB (Movement Data) Entry Screen 1

Review and Edit – Part information is entered and modified in FPB (Feed/ Plane/ Bend) format. Select from preprogramed aviodance moves in the details Tabs.

Teach Mode

The ‘Teach Mode’ section allows the programmer to manually insert or teach movements in the program and save those movements to run in AUTO mode. This feature allows you to go beyond the 100+ pre-programmed avoidance moves.

Data Management

Allows files to be saved between folders and to a USB interface device. This screen also allows parts to be exported to CSV file format. This feature allows you to view your part programs offline in an Excel format. You can also retrieve programs from external drive with networking